Regulation of Labor Standards Causes Abuse

Shortage of Labor Regulation Victims of trafficking can be discovered in any industry with a demand for cheap work and the lack of thorough tracking. Required work produces earnings of about $150 billion yearly, according to a report published these days by the Overseas Labour Organisation (ILO). IHL is meant to deter and stop the… Read More »

The Vista of Human Trafficking: 2014 and Beyond

A Global Slave Work Recap Despite this progress, the federal government failed to make sufficient efforts to deal with required work among overseas migrant employees – including when you look at the fishing sector – and also to address reported official complicity in human being trafficking. A recent report from the Global Labour Company (GLC)… Read More »

Modern Day Horror: Forced Servitude

Enslavement from WW2 Germany to East Asia’s Contemporary Sweat Shops The sale and trafficking of children and their entrapment in fused and forced labor are specifically dangerous kinds of child work. Different reports allege supporters of the banned spiritual group, Falun Gong, are delivered to the reform camps – statements supported in the letter –… Read More »

Sex Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery

Let us consider another evil act. Even the applications now being processed for longer family, including the Mexico-born adult children or even the siblings of now. A police officers agency mentioned that mostly youth who accepted “overseas jobs as models” were chosen by alleged international firms. Fourteen women have been rescued in November alone. Kids… Read More »

Discussing Human Trafficking in 2014

3 Unique Segments of the Human Trafficking Crisis “Captivity was, in a quite real sense, the first international human rights problem to come to the fore. And yet despite the attempts of the international community to fight this abhorrent practice, it’s still widely common in all its insidious forms, old and new”. (Kofi Annan- Former… Read More »

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

Contains distressing meetings. If you wish to assist: Kindly support the “International Justice Objective” right here: As well as, please ‘Like’ th … We share information just for academic functions Subscribe & Join us: Remember To LIKE … Video Score: 3 / 5

Asia’s Sex Industry

Asia’s sex industry Register for France 24 now The holiday resort of Pattaya, in Thailand, was as soon as the hub of sexual tourist. But … Video Rating: 3 / 5 A rising pornography star, Shelley Lubben, admits she went into Satan’s Final Frontier when she began doing porn. Hear her speak the reality… Read More »

Greensboro Truck Driver Charged With Human Trafficking

Greensboro Truck Motorist Charged With Human Trafficking Friday afternoon, the Alamance County Constable'' s Workplace and the Burlington Authorities Department announced the arrest of 23-year-old Bryant Lamar Williamson. He is charged with Human Trafficking of a Kid and Abduction of a Child. Investigators stated they … Check out more on WFMY Information 2 Arrests associated… Read More »