Lake house coloring pages

Lake House was built in 1578 for George Duke, a wealthy clothier, shortly after he acquired the manor of Lake. The house is built of Chilmark stone, the pale limestone from which Salisbury Cathedral was also built, and flint chequerwork: its treatment at Lake House has been described as “an outstanding example of this technique”. The house has two storeys, with basement and attic areas; the stone mullion windows have transoms. It has gabled terracotta-tiled roofs and the chimneys are diagonally-set. Its west front faces the road and is symmetrical, forming a five-part pattern of central projecting porch, flanked on either side by recessed windows and then at each end by semi-octagonal bay windows. The projecting bay areas carry up the full height of the two storeys and are topped by crenallations. There are five small windowed gables at roof level. The Duke family shield is above the doorway.

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