Wayside school coloring pages

The thirtieth story has had thirty students taught throughout the course of the books, such as Todd, an unfavored student of Mrs. Jewls who she sends home on the kindergarten bus after slight misdemeanors; Maurecia, a sweet and sensitive girl who loves ice cream; Dana, a girl with glasses who has a tendency to be overemotional; and Myron, a trustworthy and loyal student who was class president for one day. Other students include John, who could only read upside-down until his brain got flipped; Joe, a boy with several curly hairs who can’t count right; Stephen, a boy who frequently shows up to class in silly outfits; Jenny, a girl who is often late to school and has to get there on a motorcycle; Bebe, a girl who can produce art very quickly, but is shown to be a bit troublesome in class; Rondi, a girl who is often recognized for the front teeth she doesn’t have until she gets them in the second book; and Leslie, a girl with long pigtails that are often pulled by Paul, an inattentive boy who loves pulling pigtails. There are also the Three Erics, consisting of Eric Fry, the most athletic Eric who is often called “Butterfingers” since the other Erics aren’t athletic; Eric Bacon, the skinniest Eric who is often called “Fatso” since the other Erics are fat; and Eric Ovens, the nicest Eric who is usually called “Crabapple” since the other Erics are typically pretty negative. Sharie is a girl who wears a large coat and frequently falls asleep in class, but is respected since Mrs. Jewls believes she learns best that way; Deedee is a girl who likes sports but is always stuck with the lame yellow ball, which doesn’t bounce and always goes the opposite way of where the person kicks it. Also in the books are Allison, a girl who typically tries to assert dominance, even over her friends; D. J. , a boy who usually smiles, even without reason; Dameon, a boy with a crush on Mrs. Jewls who often is sent running up and down the thirty flights of stairs at Wayside; Joy, a tomboyish kleptomaniac who usually targets Todd or Dameon; Jason, a boy with a big mouth who always gets in bad situations; Kathy, a girl who is mean to all the other students; Terrence, a school bully who rarely shares and usually kicks the balls over the fence; Mac, a boy who once was named Nancy and now tells long stories in class; Ron, a boy with weak feet who loves to play kickball; and Calvin, a slow-paced student who is Bebe’s art assistant.

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